About me


I did my PhD in Computational Biology at the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics at Princeton University. I was advised by John D. Storey.


  1. Wei Hao & John D. Storey. Extending Tests of Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium to Structured Populations, bioRxiv pre-print doi.
  2. Prem Gopalan, Wei Hao, David M. Blei, & John D. Storey. Scaling probabilistic models of genetic variation to millions of humans (2016), Nature Genetics; doi; software.
  3. Minsun Song*, Wei Hao*, & John D. Storey. Testing for genetic associations in arbitrarily structured populations (2015), Nature Genetics; doi; software.
  4. Wei Hao*, Minsun Song*, & John D. Storey. Probabilistic models of genetic variation in structured populations applied to global human studies (2015), Bioinformatics; doi; software.


Spring 2017: QCB 408/508, Foundations of Applied Statistics and Data Science (with Applications in Biology), with Prof. Storey, site.

Spring 2016: SML 201, Introduction to Data Science, with Prof. Storey, site.

Spring 2015: COS 424, Interacting with Data, with Prof. Barbara E. Engelhardt, info.